St Andrew's Church Corbridge

Organ Appeal 2019

Restoring the Church Organ 

           Loud organs his glory
            Forth tell in deep tone,
            And sweet harp, the story
            Of what he has done.

Every forty years or so, Church organs require a major over-haul and restoration, and for all of us here in St Andrew’s, the time has now come!  For further information: Brochure please [click here], Response form please [click here].

Our Church organ was installed in 1925 by the organ builders Norman & Beard. The organ underwent its last major re-fit in 1979.

We are aware of the great affection in which St Andrew’s Church and its music is held in this community.  We have a vast ministry through worship, baptisms, weddings, funerals and memorial services, concerts and recitals, and we play our full part in the wider cultural scene of the Tyne Valley and beyond.  We hope that the community will support us in raising this significant sum.  

Music is one of the glories of Christian worship. As well as developing our organ and choir, we are keen to develop others forms of music and instrumentality in the life of our Church. I have a vision of a range of music, sung and played, that will enhance and diversify the music of our worship.  But the organ will always be central and indispensable to our ministry as a historic and greatly loved Parish Church in this community.