St Andrew's Church Corbridge


Children in Church

Sometimes bringing babies and children to church can feel like hard work. Babies do cry sometimes. Toddlers can get restless. Older children get bored – and say so! All this can make parents feel anxious and embarrassed. Please don't. We are here to make your time with us as relaxed and meaningful as possible.


Bringing BABIES to church

Babies are always welcome at all our services. If your baby is settled, please stay sitting throughout the service if this is more comfortable, even if others are standing or kneeling.

If your baby cries, please don't feel embarrassed. Do whatever you need to do. Feeding – do this in your seat, or if you want more privacy, a member of the welcome team will take you to the vestry. Changing baby – again, the vestry or St Andrew's Cottage can be used.

If he or she is restless walk around in the transept near the Children's Corner or at the back of church or outside to settle your baby.

At a Holy Communion service, anyone who wishes to receive communion is invited to the Lord’s Table, however if you prefer a blessing please come forward with your baby for a blessing.



Even a short service can seem like ages to a pre-school child. As you come in collect a play bag from the stand. You will find toys and books in it to keep your child amused and occupied if you want to keep him or her in the pew with you.

We have a Children's Corner in the North Transept where there are more toys, books and activities especially for the youngest members of the congregation. Let them wander about and use the Corner. There will nearly always be one of our Junior Church helpers there to make them and you welcome.